5 Tips To Brighten Your Home’s Interior

Very few things are as depressing as a dull, dark home interior. Without light, even the best decorating ends up looking seriously drab, and so to prevent all of your design work from going to waste, you need to make sure that the lighting of your home”s interior is as close to ideal as possible.

And to help you get the lighting right, consider the five following tips with regard to having the right windows installed, using the right lightbulbs, painting the walls with the right colors, using mirrors to your advantage, and opening up your floorspace in general.

Buy the Right Windows

When you buy the right windows, the amount of light in your home will automatically become that much warmer and more ideal. Having the right windows means getting the right size, the right material for the frame, facing them the right direction for the sunlight, and being sure their general style matches with the rest of the room. It”s also a bonus if you get high-quality windows that are weatherproof as well, depending on your geography, because it would be a shame to have a beautiful, bright area that”s freezing cold!


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Use the Right Light Bulbs

There are many different types of light bulbs to choose from these days. There are incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. In addition, you can pick recessed lighting, floor lighting, ceiling lighting, or under-counter lighting. Just don”t be random about your decisions. Choose lights that focus on aesthetic features of your home, and get the color of light correct (full white vs. soft white vs. colored), and you”ll be well on your way to having the right brightness overall.

Paint with the Right Colors

You may enjoy dark color, but painting walls inside your home with them can really create a dense, uninviting experience. There are always moments to break that rule, but in general, the lighter the paint you use on interior walls, the lighter and brighter your room is going to feel. There are certain techniques where different walls are different colors in the same room as well, that can lead to very pleasant effects.

Use Mirrors Effectively

If you decorate with mirrors, you”ll be amazed at how much brighter your home will be as well. They will literally open up whatever areas of the room you want to focus on, simply by reflecting any natural light or bulbs that you have located elsewhere.

Open Up the Floorspace

Rooms can look smaller and darker just because they have stuff in them as well. If you don”t want to do any intense redecorating or redesigning at first, before you do anything else, simply take some of the extra furniture out of the room in question. See what that does to brighten up the area.


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