4 Tips for Writing Opinion Blogs

Opinion and entertainment blogs can be awesome. They can be fun to read, they can be enlightening in ways that news blogs can’t, and they can be exceptionally fun to write as well. As long as people know it’s an opinion or entertainment blog, you can get away with all sorts of unusual literary techniques as well.

To have the most successful opinion blog possible, here are four tips to help get your writing mojo in order – always look for loves and hates when it comes to subject matter, don’t pander to both sides of an equation, keep your writing as dense as possible, and this is one kind of writing where the more emotional your language, the better.

Look For Loves and Hates

The words ‘love’ and ‘hate’ are not only clickbait for headlines, they’re also great words to center around in an opinion blog. Check out some ‘hate’ articles and you’ll see that it’s not a word that has negative connotation necessarily, but rather it’s a word that just shows a strong opinion to one side of an issue. This is not a ‘hate’ about hate speech or hate actions, but rather about passionate opposition to an idea of some sort.


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Don’t Pander To Both Sides

Have you ever noticed that political writers can be extremely one sided? Pro-democrat blogs are 100% pro-democrat, and pro-republican views are 100% pro-republican. The same often happens with science blogs, or business blogs, or environmental blogs. If you have a strong enough opinion to write in these types of blogs, then you don’t want to present any information that promotes the other side. News blogs can be fair and balanced – opinion blogs simply want to throw fuel on a fire that’s already raging; there’s no need to cool off any part of it.

Keep Your Writing Dense

People are short on time. Keep your writing dense. Skip the flowery words. Skip the repetition. The shorter you make your writing, the more each word is worth. Use strong structure to hold everything together, but trim off any excess wordiness that you can find at all times. Be a vicious editor, and people will appreciate your respect for their time.

Use Emotional Language

Use emotional language in opinion blog posts. Go overboard. Go nuts. Use curse words and hyperbole. Remember, you’re not really trying to make a point or convince anyone of anything. Rather, you’re simply putting some words out there that make people feel more about what they feel anyway. Notice that a lot of the more successful opinion bloggers out there use very, very harsh words or very, very uplifting words. This is completely intention, and you can learn a lot from emulating them.


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