Determining the Roles of Graphic Designers and Web Designers

You might be confused with the tasks performed by graphic designers and web designers. You also might not know which of these two you should hire to work on your website. Let us take a closer look at their job descriptions. Sometimes, there are people who can perform both tasks, but in many cases you might have to hire two people, each specialising in just one area.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers blend technology and art to send messages and ideas. They utilise various communication tools to deliver a message to a specific audience. They usually have to connect it with the overall brand of the company. The images, and visual design elements, often found in various platforms are the work of graphic designers, including magazines, newspapers, billboards, brochures, books and packaging. The design is usually two-dimensional. Their final output helps in bringing out the necessary emotion in consumers or users.

Graphic designers are very keen when it comes to detail. This includes the font size, style, shape and colour of the images and the quality of image used. The overall goal is to capture the attention of the target audience group.


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Web designers

On the other hand, web designers are tasked to create a website or web pages on the Internet. They generally work only on websites. The entire content of the website including the images and overall layout are a part of what web designers do. They also make use of various applications including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XHTML and Photoshop. The entire technical aspect of creating a website is under the responsibility of a web designer.


Although both designers have different specialisations, they need to possess a lot of similar skills and qualities. For instance, they make use of colours to create a mood or tone. They also make use of symbols to relay messages and ideas. Most of all, both of them aim to help businesses increase their popularity, sell more products, and extend their brand awareness.

If you are running a small business, you will probably need both designers to help you out. With their skills and abilities, your business will do a lot better. Considering the fact that you need both traditional and online advertising techniques to reach out to more people these days, you definitely need the help of both designers. If you are lucky to find a designer who has the skills to do both jobs, it would be nice.

Better yet, you can partner with a web design company online such as Web Design Cheltenham. They will assign the right designer to work with you and make sure that your goals are achieved in no time.


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