How to College Students Can Make Money Online

If you are a student who has an eye for art and can do some HTML and CSS coding, you can get a little web design business online. At this time, with the theme / skinning open source software will give you enough to buy a pair of branded shoes you always wanted or even your accommodation for a month if you can work very fast. Custom skins start at about $ 35 depending on open source software is selected. E-commerce website design and set up to give you much more.

Internet Marketing

Promoting online website can be very pleasant and very helpful. This is challenging because you’ll be competing with millions of online sites all striving for the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs). Many website owners need site promotion and more targeted visitors you can bring, the more money you will be offered as time passes. Many students choose to do a simple job in internet marketing such as directory submission and link building. Although these services may take a while for anyone to start earning pocket money compared with other examples listed, if you are that good at SEO website owners would be willing to pay you a lot of money. A good niche focus will e-commerce website as the owner generally has the initial promotional budget for their new venture and if you offer affordable service they would be willing to give you a try.


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Many people online affiliate earns good money. Generally, you are required to register and help promote the company’s services and products to get a referral as much as possible. More referrals you managed to get a subscription to a service or agrees to buy some products, the more money you earn. Although many companies that offer affiliate memberships claiming that it was “easy cash”, it is not. It is true that you can get a lot of money from it, but you should be very good at marketing. If you are an absolute beginner, you may want to avoid the practicals for a while and focus on theory.


Domaining is a billion dollar industry. Registration for the domain name usually costs less than $ 15. Holding a really good domain can give you thousands of dollars very quickly. The challenge though, is that at present it is very difficult to get a good domain name, such as premium generic, 3-letter.coms, premium 4-letter.coms, etc. Developing a domain name also under the domaining, and if you can grip the name domains that can be developed, you can always sell the developed site after that. Develop only to design using themes (preferably custom-made), and adds some unique content. This site was developed to be sold to webmasters who see potential profit in reaching some of the sites have been developed. If you can work fast, this can give you quite a bit.


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